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There actually is a ‘formula’ for sustaining family unity and wealth from one generation to the next. During the past two decades, our collaborative team has continued to research the real-world application of what families have purposely done to maintain unity. We can help you and your family right now, and with generations to come.

Each of the elements that comprise this formula can be customized to reflect your family’s unique circumstances. There is not a rigid, one-size-fits-all path. The elements can be integrated into structures that are truly your own. That way, the process your family creates to sustain its wealth and unity across generations simply becomes who you are.

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You will find a powerful and meaningful assessment exercise to help you to determine whether one, several or even all of the elements are present or have been addressed in the course of your planning by clicking Assessment.

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“With your help we’re confident that our values and positive family heritage will live on, not only in our children and grandchildren, but in future generations as well.”

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