Brian S. Seaman

Brian is passionate about working with families to make a significant difference in their lives.  He is dedicated to helping individuals and families articulate and pass on the things that matter most to them to future generations of their family.  That includes their values, character, traditions, life lessons, family stories and the recognition that we pass on two inheritances, one financial and one emotional. Both are critical to maintaining family unity, significance and prosperity.

Brian earned his Bachelor’s degree from Calvin College and his Master’s Degree from Pepperdine University.  He is married and has one daughter.  He has served as the prior treasurer and board member at his Lutheran Church, and he supports college alumni fundraising, schools and several charities.

Brian enjoys the outdoors, is an avid sportsman, and he enjoys woodworking projects and his antique classic wooden boat.

Marty Chiu

Marty’s professional life is devoted to helping people to identify and focus on what is truly most important to them.  He guides them through a proprietary process that enables them see the big picture…their life, now and in the future.  He helps his clients to align their personal values with their financial resources to reach their ideal destinations.  He also shows them how to create a uniquely structured family legacy—based on their personal values—that can inspire and encourage their family for multiple generations.

Marty earned his BS in Finance at California State University Long Beach.

Spending time with his wife and two daughters is very important.  He enjoys playing competitive tennis and golf, and volunteers his time at his church and as a board member for the Newcomb Academy Foundation. Marty enjoys reading about self-improvement, and learning how people triumph over difficult circumstances. 

Cameron M. Thornton

Cameron understands that the concerns closest to our hearts are not always addressed in the course of the traditional planning that most people complete.  With a focus on building multigenerational relationships, Cam helps people keep the promises they have made to themselves.  He asks “What is the measure of a good life?” Although responses vary, he hears that the long-term unity and health of their family and the success of organizations they support are at the top of their list when they consider their personal legacy.  Cameron guides clients using a guided discovery protocol honed since 1982 that leads to the development of a unique family governance process.

Cam is a graduate of the University of Southern California, and earned his Master of Business Administration from the University of La Verne.  He has also served his nation as an officer in the United States Navy. 

Cam and his wife Jane have three adult children.

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