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The individuals and families

with whom we work are far more

than clients.  Here is what they say about us:

The principles behind the work we do with families and individuals have nothing to do with money. They apply to people at all income levels because planning for the future of your money is not the same as planning for the future of your family.

We work with people to:

  1. Prepare and equip the next generations.

  2. Communicate effectively on an adult-to-adult level.

  3. Work together, and mentor the family members in the skills they will need to succeed as individuals and as a united family.

  4. Identify family stories, values, life lessons and experiences, and use them as the cornerstone for all their planning.

We have specific steps to help you grow and maintain your family’s unity and all that you have worked for, regardless of what is going on in your family’s world around them.

You may have prepared the money for your family, but have you

also prepared your family for the money?

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Your family can thrive and grow stronger, starting today.

What We Do

For You

Words barely express the wonderful shift you have helped bring about in our family. We are especially moved by the new direction we have taken with regard to the value of our history, our individual differences and the blessings of wealth, health and family.”